«Astana» lose to «Nizhny Novgorod»

06.01.2018, 20:00    Views: 208
Source: Press service
Author: Almira Shakhaeva
From the very beginning of the match, it was clear that both teams wanted victory in this game. The first period of the game began quietly. Players of «Astana» began to attack opponents ring from three-point line, and it was quiet successful. In general, the first period was calmly. The equal, calm period ended 18:17, «Astana» ahead. Both teams began second quarter more aggressively. The first half won home team 38:34.

The third period has become one of the most difficult for the players from capital basketball club. «Astana» had made a lot mistakes, the ball refused to hit the target. Players from «Nizhny» used that situation, each of their attack brought points to their account. The last period began with leadership «Nizhny Novgorod» with a score — 46:60. It was all clear in the last quarter. Joint efforts of the «Astana» and the difference in score began to decrease. But other factors step ahead, Ike Udanoh received a fifth personal foul and could not take part in the match. After a couple of minutes, Anthony Clemmons also received a fifth foul and joined Ike Udanoh. This circumstance helped our opponents to win this game.

The match ended 73:85, victory of «Nizhny»

Top Scorers:
  • Astana: Justin Carter (20 + 7 rebounds), Leonidas Kaselakis (14), Anthony Clemmons (12).
  • Nizhny Novgorod: Jake Odum (29 + 7 rebounds), Stefan Jelovac (24 + 6 rebounds), Vladimir Veremeenko (9 + 6 rebounds).

Astana head coach Kostas Flevarakis:
– We’re integrating a new player right now, point guard Malcolm Grant. It’s a fairly lengthy, challenging process. We had trouble guarding Jelovac and Odum today and weren’t able to find a solution. We also need to improve our free-throw shooting. This is yet another game where we were worse than our opponent.

Nizhny Novgorod head coach Zoran Lukic:
– This was a huge game! Before the trip to Astana, I said we’d fight to the final second. The team lost a few unexpected games at home and I hope that this win gives us motivation in the future. The most important thing is that you could see some discipline on the court, especially in the 3rd quarter when we showed how a team should play and defend. 

The next match «Astana» will play on January 15 at home against the Riga VEF.