Dear friends and fans of «Astana» Basketball club!

Now you can buy tickets for home games of BC «Astana» not only on website but also at the ticket offices at the following addresses:

Astana Tickets:
  • Office, 34 Pobeda Avenue., office 6;
  • Shopping center «Keruen», 9 Dostyk st., 1 floor (next to the boutique «Mothercare»);
  • Shopping center «Mechta», 45 Republic Avenue ;
  • «Nomad Oil» filling station, 21/1 Tauelsizdik Avenue;
  • «Nomad Oil» filling station,12 Kerey Zhanibek Khandar Avenue.

Concerts of Astana:
  • Shopping center «Keruen», 9 Dostyk St.;
  • Shopping center «Keruen City», 1 Korgaljin highway;
  • Palace «Zhastar», 34 Republic Avenue;
  • Concert Hall «Astana» (former Congress Hall), 1 Beybitshilik st.

Retail chain «Meloman»:
  • Akzhol Meloman — 17 Republic Avenue;
  • Mega Meloman — 1 Korgaljin highway, Shopping center «Keruen City», 2nd floor;
  • Keruen Marvin — 9 Dostyk St., Shopping center «Keruen», 1st floor;
  • Khan Shatyr Marvin — 37 Turan Avenue, Shopping center «Khan Shatyr», ground floor;
  • Saryarka Marvin — 24 Turan Avenue, Shopping center «Saryarka», 2nd floor.